#7FAMSSA @SurteeGroupZA bring Luxury “Sevens” Denim Collection to SA

Sevens Jeans Logo

We are fortunate enough to live in the times where jeans are more than just a sturdy factory worker uniform but have evolved to become a status symbol for both casual style and luxurious elegance. With the first flagship store unveiling of the “7 For All Mankind” brand, luxury chic fitted denim pieces have hit our African shores in style.

Fun Fact number one: Initially Jeans were worn by factory workers and men had the zipper down the front whilst women had the zipper down the left side. By the sixties, the zipper for both men and women were down the front.

Sevens Launch

The Sandton City flagship store resonates with clean and simple classic lines. In fact, the store is so elegantly put together, one can’t help themselves but feel a sense of pride and a foundation for individual expression when glancing at the premium display of denim. This brand is famously known and referred to by fashionista’s and stylists abroad as “Sevens” and hails all the way from the United States where 7 For All Mankind made its mark as a leading lifestyle brand, and a brand loved by stars such as Cameron Diaz , Miranda Kerr & Angelina Jolie.

Fun Fact number two: It was the steamy James Dean who popularized wearing jeans and in the 1950’s, jeans became a symbol for youth rebellion. In fact some theaters, restaurants and schools even banned jeans.

For me, I personally loved the way the jeans fit, so much so I had to restrain myself from jumping my husband’s awesomely “well chiseled” bootie in the “Chad” style jeans. Hello hotness!

Sevens Jeans

Although we were given a generous 20% discount voucher in our goody bags, the price tag on these babies are not for the faint hearted. A little out my budget but definitely one for the notorious wish list.

Sevens Jeans Library

I have to say my favorite store display is the library of jeans, where the full denim collection lie almost exactly 1 inch apart from each other for your viewing pleasure. The only book reading we did in this library was page through the perfectly poised look books.

Sevens Jeans Lookbook

I even got a chance to briefly chat with two masterminds who are behind the brilliant idea of bringing this prestigious brand to our shores. The team believe that a differentiating factor for these jeans is that your “Sevens” pair of jeans will not fade or lose shape for at least its first 40 washes. The store also offer a tailoring service for those of us who need one and to top this all off the brand is synonymous with great quality and fit, suited for the best of the best. Gone are the days where only our work attire are tailored to mold our physique perfectly.


The food and deco were of equal elegance during the evening and definitely fitting for the unveiling of such a store down to the impressive detail of monogrammed branded material serviettes.


If you have chance, do yourself a favor and slip into a pair of these beauties when you are next in Sandton, you may never want to wear anything else.

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